At 7.30am the prospect of making Delhi and our flight to the UK was looking bleak. When we awoke it was to discover a foot of snow and it was still snowing. The taxi drivers refused to come to the hotel to pick us up as the roads were too bad. It was the chap at reception who came to our rescue and volunteered to drive us to the airport. All of the Kashmiris that we’ve met have been nothing but kind and welcoming.
A half hour journey took over two hours and there were several times when we thought that we weren’t going to get through but eventually we ended up following in the tracks of a convoy of aviation fuel tankers to the airport. And so we sat and waited dispiritedly.
And then, at about mid morning, the sky miraculously cleared, the snow ploughs set about clearing the runway and at three in the afternoon the first of the long delayed planes landed An hour and a half later we were climbing out of Srinagar under crisp blue skies with the snow-covered Kashmir valley and the surrounding mountains looking stunningly beautiful below us.