Strange to find momos here in Goa but the temptation was too strong to resist – and the Cafe Rumba is one of the best little restaurants we’ve found here.

The Jet Trash film project appears to have encountered a minor setback as one of the principal actors is out of action. Overheard at a beach bar where several of the crew were drinking: ‘…. So we were at the night club at Leopard Valley, right, and everything was cool and then suddenly he goes wild, right, and he lunges at me and he’s got me by the throat and he starts screaming that I am the spawn of the devil. I thought I was going to die but they pull him off me. Apparently it was the Larium. He had a bad reaction when he was on it in Mexico. But it could have been the ecstasy. Anyway, he’s on medication now. Let’s hope he’s going to be alright to get back on set soon …..’ It’s going to be a great film.

Exploiting a niche market in India:’Blonde Ones hair cutting. Complete beauty treatment.’
Last day here tomorrow and then it’s off to Panjim and onwards.
Snaps below of Momo Special at the Cafe Rumba, sunset on Monkey Island and Palolem Beach.