Decide to move on once again. Cafe del Sol was cheap and the staff friendly, the location right on the beach was terrific, but the spartan interior was beginning to frustrate. One nail on the wall made it hardly worth unpacking the rucksacks and there were only two creaking deckchairs to sit on. Besides, it’s good to move to a different part of this long beach.

So we are now in the blancmange pink cocohut at The Palolem Beach Resort, with the luxury of an airy veranda with hammock overlooking a well-tended garden and the beach beyond it. We’ve rejected the mosquito net on the bed as it had a gaping hole in it, and the two brought along to replace it which had the same problem, but the brand new fourth net seems to be fine.

A walk along to little rocky quiet Columb Bay to sit in a bar on brightly coloured cushions and eat a lunch of .fried squid.

It’s Valentine’s Day today so this evening it will have to be a celebratory …. Fish curry.