An early morning cup of green tea followed by a long lazy breakfast on the veranda reading the downloaded Sunday Times. Lynne is following the Kevin Pieterson controversy on Twitter and struggling to maintain a sense of even-handedness – and temper.


A long morning walk exploring the back roads to the village and to the headland at the end of the bay where we sit watching the sea-eagles soaring in the wind overhead; a discussion with a restaurant owner about the price of his kingfish and would we be coming back in the evening to try it, a swim and an afternoon spent reading. Lynne has a novel, the Kashmir Shawl (thanks for the recommendation, Sally) in preparation for the trip to Srinagar and Rob has a biography of Patrick Leigh Fermour. The section which describes his 1934 journey on foot from the Hook of Holland to Istanbul, or Constantinople as he insists on calling it, is real travel travel writing. What an adventure.

The crew are filming on the beach in front of the room today. A chat with one of them reveals that the film they are making is called Jet Trash with an actor called Robert Sheehan. It will mean something to someone. It seems an altogether lower budget affair than when Tom Cruise filmed scenes from ‘All You Need is Kill’ on Saunton Sands. Checking online I see that it is ‘directed by Charles Henri Belleville’ and features ‘the hedonistic setting of the sun-drenched, party fuelled beaches of southern India with their drugs, sex and mysticism ….’ Mmm, probably just as well we didn’t respond to the call for British extras. But still no sign of Hugh F-W or his Russian brother.

Another headline from the Times of India: ‘Panjaji cop suspended for outraging the morality of young female’.

This evening we walked to the estuary at the end of the bay where scores of sea eagles and kites were circling above the river mouth. What a sight. We have arranged with a local to take us up river in his boat early tomorrow morning.
Looking forward to another Goan fish curry this evening.

The fishermen have pulled their boats way up onto the beach this evening and the fleet has come into the bay. Is there bad weather on the way?