Nothing to disappoint here! A blue and white painted wooden hut with a veranda on the quiet end of a long sandy beach with a backdrop of palms. When the electricity finally comes back on we’ll have the luxury of hot water and air-con, not that we can imagine needing it as there’s a cooling breeze from the sea. So the three of us (ourselves and the cockroach that’s sitting above the wash basin) are looking forward to a restful night’s sleep. We’ve had several conversations recently about building regulations and electrical safety specifications in the UK recently and so we’re particularly interested to see the shower arrangements here – electrical switch and light set conveniently close to the shower head which is hanging from a coathanger.

We’ve stayed on less developed beaches but although the tourist scene is well established there are no hi-rise buildings here. Most of the accommodation fringes the beach and consists of ‘cocohuts’, simple wooden huts with a fan and attached shower which, along with fresh fish, cheap beer and gin at 30 rupees a glass, is all anyone could want, especially as an antidote to an English winter.

We are only at this place for three days as the room is booked beyond that but there are plenty of other options. We’ll move along the beach to one of them on Tuesday.

There’s evidence of some sort of filming going on here. There are signs up asking for extras for a British film and the girls on the table next to us at breakfast were making arrangements for the day’s filming. Yesterday evening we passed a chap on the beach who looked a little like Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall so we had convinced ourselves that it was a Channel 4 cookery travelogue a la Rick Stein. When we ran into the same chap again today he was talking Russian fluently to his friends so either Hugh has a Russian brother or he’s undercover …. Or we were simply mistaken. He was only five and a half feet tall, mind you, but, as we said to each other, celebrities are always much shorter in real life than they appear on TV.

If all goes to plan, we can’t imagine there being much to write about for the next few days. The pattern is likely to be the same: woke up late … Had breakfast …. Walked along the beach … Stopped for a beer …. Went for a swim …. Had a beer …. Bowl of fruit for lunch …had an afternoon siesta ….oh, it’s time for a G & T.

Talking of which, I think it’s time for a gin and tonic now.